Galbiati Group – The most illuminated nativity scene of Lake Como

Set up in the Galbiati Group parking lot, the visual impact is such that any other decoration within miles pales in comparison.

Turning the corner of via Ca’ bianca pascolo 26, in the parking lot of the facility, you cannot help but stare in awe in front of what looks like a mirage of lights.

There is even Mount Resegone with the stars. ‘We started ten years ago, with a hut’, explains the owner of Galbiati Group, Pietro Galbiati, ‘Every year, the setup has been expanded and enriched. Because behind all this there is the desire to grow and support growth, which is shared by everyone here in the company. Participation is unanimous; this is a company of mechanical processing and constructions, large parts, and high-tech machinery.’

‘The nativity scene is a symbol of certain values that we do not want to lose and of the magical dimension of childhood. We also combine the creation with the opportunity for a gesture of solidarity, the raising of funds in favour of the centre “La rosa” of Nibionno,’ says Galbiati, ‘helping the disabled since 1988: a choice in continuity with the supported program of the local Lions Club. This nativity scene wants to convey this message: do not turn off the values; they require commitment, but the satisfaction is worth it.’